Cobb Crayfish & Scallop Stir Fry Garlic Noodles

Cobb Crayfish & Scallop Stir Fry Garlic Noodles

Fresh seafood cooked on the Cobb Grill boat BBQ

Easy garlic seafood stir fry noodles featuring hand dived crayfish and scallops - or whatever you manage to catch that day! All you need is a Cobb Grill and the Wok Accessory

- Fresh kaimoana (crayfish, scallops, fish, etc..)
- Yakisoba or ramen noodles
- Garlic & chives or spring onions
- Butter
- Sesame Oil
- Chilli flakes
- Sauce: Soya sauce, butter, sesame oil, garlic
- Lemon

1. Boil the noodles until al-dente by filling the Cobb Wok with water. Once cooked, strain and keep aside.
2. Split crayfish in halves and smear with garlic butter. Cook crayfish in the Cobb Wok. Once cooked, remove and keep aside.
3. Deglaze the Cobb Wok with whatever beer you have near by. By pouring a small amount of alcohol into the wok, you will release all the delicious crayfish flavours seared onto the bottom of the wok. 
4. Throw in some garlic to fry for extra flavour!
5. Next, cook the scallops or fish in the juicy liquid leftover from the crayfish in the wok. Once cooked, remove and keep aside.
6. The stir fry sauce is simply a mixture of butter, soya sauce, garlic and sesame oil. 
7. Throw in the cooked noodles in the steaming hot wok along with the sauce and stir fry until nice and tasty. Throw in the fish and scallops towards the end of the fry session, as well as the crayfish.
8. Garnish with fresh spring onions, chilli, garlic chives, or even foraged Kawa kawa. Sprinkle with lemon and enjoy! 



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