The worlds most versatile portable outdoor cooker. From frying breakfast on your boat to cooking stews in the hills, you don’t  need to be a chef to easily conjure up magic meals in the most remote of locations.


Whilst searing hot on the inside, the base remains cool to touch on the outside due to our unique double walled design. This makes for safe outdoor cooking. The dome lid design is optimum for containing heat & protection from the elements (windproof), making the COBB able to reach high temperatures with minimal fuel and burn charcoal or gas more economically than any other cooker.


Our unique range of COBB cooking accessories makes the COBB Grill different to any other portable grill available. It’s not just a BBQ, it's a portable oven, stove top, deep fryer, smoker, steamer & so much more. Whether it be grill'd meats, full roast dinners, pizza's, pasta's, stews, stir fry's or even freshly baked breads, your outdoor cooking options with COBB are endless.


Made from premium stainless steel, our products are designed to withstand the wild. Each COBB Grill comes with a carry bag. All accessories can be packed into the bag with the COBB for easy transport & storage. Windproof, powerful, durable & compact. There is no better cooker suited for outdoor adventures.