The COBB Cooker is freedom. It’s not just a roasting oven, barbecue, grill or frying stove. It’s all of those, and so much more. It’s a portable cooking system that takes you out of the kitchen, and gives you the freedom to prepare any dish, just about anywhere outdoors. It's portable, durable, eco-friendly and safe, offering the versatility you need for the ultimate outdoor cooking experience.

While searing hot on the inside, the base always remains cool to touch on the outside, and can be picked up and moved around while cooking. This makes for safe, hassle free cooking. Whether it be on a boat, the back of your UTE tray, or a campsite, the COBB will allow you to cook gourmet feeds on the go.

Cobb Grill Portable BBQ


Use the COBB as a portable BBQ. For best grilling results, use the Griddle+ accessory or the BBQ kit. The dome cover can provide ample protection from wind when cooking out and about. The outer shell and base always remains cool to the touch, making the COBB safe to cook on any surface. The perfect BBQ set up for boats.

You can even use the inner sleeve moat as an oven to roast your sides / veggies whilst grilling and searing food on top !


The COBB becomes a portable oven when cooking with the Dome cover on. The heat generated is perfect for roasting all types of meat! Roasting times are approximately the same as the conventional oven.

The Fenced Roast Rack is the ideal roasting accessory, providing a lifted surface to prevent your food from being exposed to a direct heat source. The Chicken Roasting Stand, Rotisserie accessory will bring your COBB roasting and baking game to another level.


Use your COBB as a mean little portable smoker! Simply sprinkle some wet smoking chips on top the the coals if you are using the coal COBB, or place a small dish filled with smoking chips on top of the flame dish on the gas COBB and watch it smoke away. The dome cover acts as a chamber trapping all the smoke. For the best smoking experience, use the Aluminium Grill Grid, which comes standard with any COBB Grill purchase, along with the Fenced Roast Rack accessory. This combo will maximise smoke entering the chamber and infusing into your food.


Shallow fry or deep fry on your COBB ! The Frying Pan accessory provides a non-stick flat surface perfect for frying up eggs, fish fillets, scallops and so much more! Featuring a convenient fork for easy lifting. The Frying Dish Wok accessory is what you want if you are looking for a nice even deep fry, just fill it up with oil. The Frying Dish Wok can also be used for cooking stir fry's, curries, stews, paella's, sauces, etc.


From fresh baked bread, pizza to cakes and deserts, the COBB is capable of baking just about anything. Baking times are approximately the same as a conventional oven. Cook the perfect pizza with our Pizza Stone accessory. For the optimum baking experience, use the Fenced Roast Rack accessory to eliminate exposure direct heat. Our Bread Tin accessory is what you want for baking breads and or cakes.


It's easy to boil up soups, noodles, pasta's and rice on the COBB. Use either the The Frying Dish Wok or the Bread Tin accessory as your boiling dish. The dome cover will speed up the boiling process. Place the Bread Tin on top of the Fenced Roast Rack accessory if you wish to avoid exposure direct heat.



Absolutely love the versatility of the COBB. I am yet to come across another grill that gives you so much flexibility and portability.

Sam F.
Auckland, NZ

The COBB makes it so easy to grill at sea on my boat!

Daniel T.
Coromandel, NZ

I love the fact that I can make a roast chicken dinner anywhere I go.

Meg J.
Hamilton, NZ.

The best outdoor gadget I ever bought.

Joel M.

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