COBB Chicken Shawarma
Indulge in this juicy and delicious chicken shawarma wrap infused with middle eastern flavours and cooked using the Rotisserie accessory.
COBB Crayfish Rolls
Crayfish rolls have to be one of the best summer feeds - such an easy and delicious crowd pleasing dish!
Tarakihi Fish Tacos
Catch & COBB Tarakihi fish tacos with The Floating Island. Fish taco's are always a good idea.
COBB Seafood Chowder
A hearty seafood chowder is the definition of comfort food. Check out this easy recipe for a COBB Grill seafood chowder cooked anywhere but the kitchen!
COBB Smoked Fish
Turn your Cobb Grill into a hot smoker by simply sprinkling some soaked smoking chips onto of your coal. This little set up makes it so easy to smoke fish just about anywhere.
Spicy Chicken Kebabs
The Cobb grills are perfect for skewers and kebabs. Check out this recipe for some tasty AF spicy chicken kebabs.
Corn on the COBB
Corn on the COBB & Veggie loaded falafel bites! We hope these recipes inspire you to eat more plants =) 
Cobb Mussels with Cream & White Wine Sauce
Another killer Cobb kaimoana dish - fresh mussels cooked in a delicious garlic cream and white wine sauce. Bonus if the mussels are freshly wild foraged!
Cobb Crayfish & Scallop Stir Fry Garlic Noodles
From Ocean to Cobb! Nothing beats a fresh kaimoana feast cooked at sea on the Cobb Grill.
Cobb Crusted Lamb Rack
Delicious olive and anchovy crusted lamb rack cooked to perfection on the Cobb Grill Premier.


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