COBB Crayfish Rolls

COBB Crayfish Rolls

Crayfish rolls have to be one of the best summer feeds - such an easy and delicious crowd pleasing dish! If there was one dish to epitomise the taste of summer, it would certainly be crayfish rolls. In typical COBB Grill style, this dish was whipped up #AnywhereButTheKitchen on a boat out at sea after a successful day of crayfish diving. 

COBB Grill Crayfish

What you'll need: COBB Grill, Teflon Frying Pan 

Ingredients: Crayfish, hot dog bread buns, butter, chives, lemon, salt & pepper 

Cobb Grill crayfish rolls

1. Carefully remove the crayfish tails from the head

2. Remove the poop shoot and split the tails in half for an easy and quick cook on the COBB teflon frying pan. Once the COBB is nice a hot, add a little bit of butter onto the frying pan and place the tails meat side down. Cook each side for about one minute until the meat is just cooked ( do not over cook it ! You want the meat nice and translucent still) 

COBB Grill Crayfish rolls

3. Remove the meat from the shell and dice up into small pieces. 

4. Add some lemon, salt & pepper, and chopped chives. Mix gently and throw back onto the frying pan with some more butter for the final cook. This should only take about 30-45 seconds. Once cooked, remove from the COBB, place in a bowl and let it cool down before adding sauces. 

5. Once the crayfish mixture has cooled down, add some mayo and some more lemon. Scoop out the cooking juices left int he COBB frying pan and through that into the mixture as well. 

6. Throw it onto some toasted and buttered bread buns and ta-da, easy as crayfish rolls. ENJOY! 
COBB Grill Crayfish Rolls


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