COBB Seafood Chowder

COBB Seafood Chowder

A hearty seafood chowder is the definition of comfort food. The great thing about this dish, is that you can use any kaimoana you like, depending on what you might have caught earlier. In typical COBB Grill style, we cooked up this dish #AnywhereButTheKitchen, onboard Gravity Fishing in Stewart Island, using freshly harvested seafood that was caught earlier that day.

COBB grill seafood chowder
  • Fresh fish. We used Blue Cod & Hapuka. A nice firm white flesh fish does well in this dish.
  • Mussels
  • Scallops
  • Potatoes
  • Garlic
  • Onion or shallots
  • Chives or Parsley
  • Butter
  • Cream
  • White Wine
  • Salt & Pepper

    Catch and cook seafood cobb grill
*If you do not have access to mussels or scallops, substitute with any other shellfish. Pipis, cockles and crayfish work great in this dish as well.
  1. Steam open your mussels by placing a dash of water in the Wok and covering with the dome. Be sure to not overcook them. Ideally you want them a bit undercooked as they will cook more when you place them in the chowder.  Remove them from the shell and remove the beard. Place them aside for use later.  Remove the liquid out of the pan.
  2. Add heap of butter to the wok and saute finely diced onions or shallots. Once softened, add the diced garlic.
  3. Add a decent splash of white wine to the butter, onion and garlic mix and allow it to cook down. If using the COBB Gas, lower the heat to the a low-medium burn.
  4. Add a bottle of cream and let the mixture simmer.
  5. Add cubed potatoes into the cream base, and allow them to cook through. The starch will help thicken the cream base.
  6. Once the potatoes are cooked, place in your seafood: Fish, scallops, mussels, pipis, crayfish, etc. Make sure it is cooking on a low heat and allow the seafood to cook through slowly.
  7. Season with salt & pepper, and garnish with chives and or parsley.
COBB Grill seafood chowder

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