COBB Fenced Roast Rack Acessory
Fenced Roast Rack
Lamb roast COBB Grill NZ Portable BBQ
Smoked Fish on the Cobb Grill with the COBB Roast rack
COBB Fenced Roast Rack

COBB Fenced Roast Rack

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The COBB Fenced Roast Rack, which fits snugly above the standard COBB Grill Grid and Griddle+, is a must have accessory for your COBB experience.

The Fenced Roast Rack eliminates the need to constantly turn chicken, vegetables, and roasts. It also prevents searing and allows heat to circulate around the meat, simulating the principle of a conventional oven, for the perfect slow roast. The roast rack is also perfect for smoking! Simply place fish on top of the rack and add smoking chips on top of your hot coal and the Cobb Grill turns into an epic little portable smoker.

COBB Grill NZ Portable BBQ
COBB Grill New Zealand.

Bringing cooking convenience to outdoor adventures. Wherever the journey may take you, we have a COBB & accessory that will fit the ride.

Grill: You can grill fish, meat, and veggies to perfection anywhere, anytime. Use the Griddle + accessory for a top notch grill.

Roast:The unique COBB design acts like an oven when cooking with the Dome Lid closed. This allows for even circulation of heat and consistent temperature, exactly like your kitchen oven. Pair with our roasting rack accessory for the perfect roast meal.

Smoke: Simply add a handful of smoking chips onto your coal or insert a small smoking dish in the gas COBB to turn your grill into a handy smoker. Use the Fenced Roast Rack accessory for the best smoking results.

Fry: Fry anything on the COBB using the frying pan or even deep fry with our wok accessory.



The best lamb roast I ever had came out of a COBB.

John Z.
Coromandel, NZ

Love my COBB so much! So easy to cook anything to perfection, especially seafood! I bring it on every camping & beach holiday.

Catherine S.
Auckland, NZ.

Perfect size for carting around on my adventures… beach, boat, picnic. So impressed with it.

Ange A.
Tuaranga, NZ

The best boat BBQ. Super easy to light up and get cooking. It does not get hot on the outside so can put it down anywhere. Too good.

Dale H.
Auckland, NZ

Love the fact that you can easily turn this grill into a smoker. By far the most versatile portable cooker I've ever come across.

Hannah H.
Matakana, NZ.


Heather S.
Northland, NZ

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